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The Nifty air duct repair service in steps

Our professional duct repair technicians are well-trained and experienced with all kinds of ducts and HVAC systems to make sure they perform as efficiently as possible. You can rely on exceptional duct heating cleaning as well as cooling duct cleanup during the whole year. They follow these steps for getting your ductwork repaired:

Step 1. Initial inspection and assessment of the duct installation.

The technician will start the service with a thorough inspection to see if the duct unit is well installed.

Step 2. Discovering issues with the air ducts that need repairing.

The technician will check for impairments, perforations, malfunctions or any other problems that the ductwork may have.

Step 3. Air duct repair and fixing.

The duct repair experts will start the repairing process with sealing any holes and cracks. They will repair and replace all the defective parts to make sure the system is running properly.

Why do you need duct repair services in Melbourne?

Most of the time cooling and heating ductwork repairs and maintenance is overlooked until the airflow is compromised. As ducts age they start to break down, collapse or disconnect. If there is any leakage or impairment in your ductwork you need professional air duct repair services.

Repairing any existing holes or leaks in the system will cause it to work inefficiently because the cooled or heated air escapes outside. In this case, the system has to work significantly harder to maintain the desired temperature. Repairing or replacing the ducts when necessary will improve the air quality and reduce energy expenses.


Why choose Nifty Duct repair service in Melbourne?


  • Experienced and reliable technicians specialised in duct repair services for all types of systems and ductwork, including heating and cooling ducts.
  • Same-day and next-day availability – convenient booking slots available even on short notice that fit your schedule.
  • Early morning or evening booking slots. Weekend or bank holidays appointments available at no extra charge.
  • Latest equipment and tools – our technicians are armed with the best equipment for speedy and efficient duct repairs.


How do I know if I need to get my air ducts repaired?

If you notice or suspect the system is not working propery or you have higher energy costs than usual, then you should get an appoinment. It is also a good idea to book an appointment if you bought a new home or have never had your system looked at. 

What might cause damage to the ductwork?

Some of the causes can be rodents, poor installation, earthquakes, corrosion or improperly braced ductwork.

Do you work on weekends?

Yes, we work on weekends and bank holidays at no additional cost.

Can you handle both cooling and heating air duct systems?

Yes, our professionals are qualified and trained for heating duct repair and cooling duct repair.


Krista Gilbert

The technician that came over was professional, friendly, and explained everything. He worked hard and fixed our problem perfectly. This was our first experience with Nifty but we will definitely call them again.

Charlie Brownell

Our first floor wasn’t cooling so I called Nifty to get an appointment. They came on time and discovered a large leak in our ductwork! They did a temporary repair for the night and came back within a day to permanently fix our issue. Highly recommended!

Once we’ve repaired your air ducts we can also help you keep them clean and healthy.

Make sure your ductwork is dust and allergen-free to maintain the best air quality in your home. 


Duct cleaning service in Melbourne

Our duct cleaning professionals will ensure your duct system is cleaned to perfection.

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